About us

Purpose and principles guiding the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition


We are connecting a global community of change-makers building collaborative solutions to the crisis on COVID19 in low-resource settings.


Our collective aim is to:

  • establish a vibrant dialogue within a network of research and allied institutions around the world
  • collectively facilitate and accelerate research adapted for resource-limited settings
  • bring solutions to bottlenecks through collaboration
  • facilitate the prompt sharing of findings to ensure accelerated learning among investigators, and for speedy review of evidence and adoption into guidelines.


The Coalition will:

  • Provide a platform for co-creation of the multi-pronged research agenda, including prevention, diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, social sciences and epidemiology. The dialogue facilitated by the platform will help identify the most urgent needs for resource-limited settings and disseminate information.
  • Help members promptly contribute to the research agenda: map what they can contribute and form the most effective partnerships.
  • Facilitate partnerships through the rapid identification of interests and needs, and match available expertise from other members.
  • Share resources such as data-sharing protocols, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and training materials for accelerated implementation.
  • Develop joint solutions, including for prompt and effective data-sharing.


Members commit to:

  1. accelerate COVID-19 research in areas where the virus could wreak havoc on already-fragile health systems and cause the greatest health impact on vulnerable populations
  2. leverage each other’s expertise to fast-track research that will provide evidence needed to guide policies and practices on COVID-19 prevention, diagnosis, and case management in resource-limited settings.
  3. Promote and implement open sharing of research knowledge and data
  4. Champion equitable and affordable access to the proposed interventions.