COVID-19 Studies

In support of the coalition’s commitment to transparency, and with the permission of investigators, we are sharing study materials for COVID-19 clinical research, including protocols, participant information sheets and informed consent forms, case report forms, standard operating procedures, and other documents.

This material is intended to support other researchers to better understand the design and methodologies of proposed and existing studies, and to accelerate research planning by providing examples that may, where suitable, be adapted for other contexts.

If you would like to list your study on the coalition’s website, please contact us at

Interventional or observational studyIf interventional, product typeAdditional detailsStudy Region(s)Gaps or needs to be met
ATOMIC2InterventionalTherapeuticsPhase IIIEurope, Asia, Latin AmericaSeeking clinical trial partners, sites
COPCOVInterventionalTherapeuticsPhase III, pre-exposure prophylaxisAsia, Europe, AfricaSeeking clinical trial partners, sites
CRASH19InterventionalTherapeuticsAfrica, Asia

Note that study-related documents posted on the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition (COVID-19 CRC) website have been shared by coalition members for information. Some may have been approved by Ethics Review Boards and others may still be in draft form. Documents posted here may have been further amended before being used in the conduct of the respective trials they were designed for. It is recommended that users review these documents carefully and, if they plan to use them, adapt them appropriately for their intended use. The COVID-19 CRC and its members cannot accept any liability for any claim, loss or damages as a result of any reliance placed on, or use of, these documents.

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