COVID-19 therapeutics: Current status, access & research needs

COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition

New effective drug treatments for COVID-19 are becoming available, while some monoclonal antibodies have lost their efficacy against the newer Omicron variants of SARS-CoV2. What is the current status of COVID-19 therapeutics, and what is the availability of these expensive medicines in low-resource settings? What research is needed to advise and guide health policies?

This Covid-19 Clinical Research Coalition webinar will convene experts to address these important questions.

Preliminary agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Overview of COVID-19 therapeutics landscape (a focus on new therapeutics)
  • Summary of access to medicines coalition survey – a snapshot into current access status
  • Is history repeating itself? – Lessons learnt from previous disease areas and access to medicines
  • Therapeutics Guidelines variation – the role of evidence in informing national guidelines
  • Current challenges to accessing new therapeutics and what can be done


23 November 2022 - 13:00 CET
Organized by: COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition


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