A prospective, longitudinal observational study for the improved triage of patients with moderate symptoms

The PRIORITISE study aims to develop and validate a simple, practical tool to aid the triaging of patients with COVID-19 in resource-limited settings, to improve identification of patients at risk of deterioration and prevent overburdening of health facilities. Having the ability to prognosticate the need for supplemental oxygen (the main treatment available in resource-limited settings) through measurement of parameters available at the time of arrival at a healthcare facility would strengthen the ability to identify the patients with moderate symptoms that can be safely discharged.

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Primary objective: To identify clinical and biochemical prognostic markers in adults with laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection who do not require oxygen supplementation at presentation, with a focus on:  

  • aiding safe discharge from a healthcare facility (i.e. a high NPV)  
  • near-term impact on COVID-19 interventions in resource-limited settings (i.e. simple clinico-demographic variables and biochemical markers for which near-patient / POCTs are commercially available or in late-stage development)  

Type of studyProspective longitudinal observational study

Treatment tested: N/A

Countries: Brazil and India – and seeking additional sites in other countries

Sample size: The sample size will be adaptive, informed by the prevalence of confirmed COVID-19 cases and proportion of participants meeting the primary endpoint (development of a supplemental oxygen requirement). The initial planned sample size is 600 participants per country.  

Study participants:  Adults with non-severe respiratory illness presenting to healthcare facilities that assess and manage patients with COVID-19 

Study status Recruiting

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Last modified: February 2021


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