Supply and Market Dynamics; Medicine Quality

Working group objectives

  • Assess production and distribution capacity for medicines and vaccines to inform countries and international agencies, and ensure adequate supply of effective interventions
  • Conduct market dynamics analyses and interventions to scale up production
  • Monitor and analyze medicine quality reports during the COVID-19 pandemic response, and facilitate dissemination of alerts

Working group members

  • Pascale Boulet – Drugs for Neglected diseases initiative (DNDi), Switzerland
  • Celine Caillet – CTMGH, University of Oxford, UK
  • Michelle Childs – Drugs for Neglected diseases initiative (DNDi), Switzerland
  • Chioma Ejekam
  • Andrew Farlow (Working Group Co-Chair) – University of Oxford, UK
  • Gamal Khalafalla
  • Paul Lotay (Working Group Co-Chair) – Centrale Humanitaire Médico-Pharmaceutique (CHMP), Kenya, DRC
  • Patrick Lukulay – Technology Solutions for Global Health, Ghana
  • Jorge Magalhães – Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – FIOCRUZ, Brazil
  • Paul Newton – University of Oxford, UK
  • Eurek Ranjit – Kathmandu Medical College, Nepal
  • Raffaella Ravinetto
  • Sean Regan
  • Kerlijn Van Assche – Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) & Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU), Belgium
  • Ed Vreeke – QUAMED, France

If you are a researcher who would like to submit a query to the Supply and Market Dynamics; Medicine Quality working group, please email with “Supply and Market Dynamics; Medicine Quality” in your subject heading.

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